Book Now for UK’s First Interactive batting cage & Bar – in Southampton!

1st Base brings you an immersive experience like no other. Suiting ages 10+, all abilities and group sizes of 2-12 people, our Southampton-based baseball batting cage is ready for you to step up to the plate!

Welcome to 1st Base – The UK’s first Baseball Entertainment Centre

You may have seen us around:

1st Base brings you Baseball like you’ve never experienced before.

Using state-of-the-art technology you can now step up to home plate and bat like any Major League Baseball star.

Ideal for groups of friends, families, work colleagues, schools, 1st Base is a sporting entertainment centre where you can try your hand at being a baseball star.

Whether you’re a total rookie or baseball pro, you’ll enjoy it either way!

We offer a variety of different packages all specifically designed to bring you the best experience for your time/money.

Balls Pitched Per Hour

Our pitching machine works tirelessly to deliver you perfectly pitched balls every time.

Recorded metrics for each hit

Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Distance travelled, Pitch speed – These are just a few of the statistics we record for each and every hit!

Game Modes

Quality Hit Game, Homerun Derby, 2 Inning Mini Game, Batting Practice, Pitching Practice – We’ve got a game for you!

Unbeatable Experience

Book now and come and join the fun!

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The Activity

You have one job. Step into that cage and smash that ball as hard as you can!

The ball is thrown towards you from our pitching machine and you simply have to hit the ball as best you can! Our system does the rest…

Suitable for ages 10+

No Protective Equipment Required

Easy to learn and enjoy!

The Technology & Game 

The same technology used by professional MLB players (although we don’t take it as seriously)!

The super-smart technology tracks the trajectory of the ball after it leaves the bat. It measures velocity, launch angle and a whole host of other metrics.

Your hit is then shown on the big-screens so you can see where the ball would have gone in a real baseball stadium.

Depending on what game is being played you can either score points or play a real game where you can be caught out by the fielders!

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Simple Pricing

Customer testimonials

As taken from Trip Advisor & Google

Visited with a team of 11 for our work team Christmas doo. It was brilliant fun, Everyone enjoyed it and the team were incredibly accommodating. We had the place to ourselves as well which was fab!

Jenny G (Trip Advisor) - May 2023

Brilliant family fun (with 10yr old). Super service, really friendly & went above & beyond at all times. Really great idea that has you wanting more & more. Perfect for the family or parties. We will definitely be going back!

Deena (Trip Advisor) - December 2022