Here at 1st Base we have lots of different combinations of packages and group discounts to suit all occasions.

The easiest way to find out pricing is to simply click the button below then select the package that you want, if required add number of attendees and the price will be displayed!

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Pricing Breakdown

We try and keep our packages and pricing as simple as possible. Primarily our pricing depends on which type of package you choose:

  • Standard Session

Our Standard sessions are priced per person. The larger the group size, the lower the price per person.

  • Premium Party Session

Our Premium Party sessions are a single total price, regardless of the amount of attendees.

We have one single batting cage and so there is only ever one person hitting at a time. We also don’t mix groups, so if you book a session it will be just your group using the cage (both standard and premium).

Our pitching machine can pitch a maximum of 360 balls per hour (however on average around 280 per hour after swap breaks).

The more attendees in the group then the lower the price (however this will also mean less balls hit each). For example:

1 Hour Standard Session – Group of 5 = £16 per person, approx 55 balls per person
1 Hour Standard Session – Group of 2 = £19 per person, approx 138 balls per person

As there are hundreds of price combinations, listing them here would be super confusing. Instead its easiest just to click the link below, select which package you want and select the number of attendees, the booking system will then show you the availability and price.

Select your package and check pricing…

However if you’d like just a rough guide to pricing see the table below:

Package Price Min Group Size Max Group Size
1 Hour Session £13 – £19 per person 1 8
2 Hour Session £11 – £29 per person 3 12
Premium 1 Hour Party £200 (total) 1 8
Premium 2 Hour Party £400 (total) 3 12

Select your package and check pricing…