About 1st Base


What is a Baseball Activity Center?

In simple terms, we are an indoor batting cage with virtual ball tracking technology. Our machine pitches the ball, you hit it and then the computer tells you how hard your swing and where it would have gone in real life! You can take it as seriously as you like – the technology is the same as what the pros use, but it’s fine if you just want to whack a few balls! We’re the first facility of its kind in the UK and we’re proud to offer this activity in Southampton.

An ideal choice for any group, including stag dos, hen parties, children’s parties, team building events, birthdays, work nights out and more! We also cater to smaller groups and couples, so why not come along for your next date night? If you fancy getting out and trying something new, book a session today!

What’s involved in a 1st Base Session?

As a player you arrive with your group of friends/family/co-workers and are given a short briefing on how to safely use the equipment etc…

You then, one at a time, step into the batting cage and up to the batting plate. Here physical balls will be pitched at you from our pitching machine (located approximately 10m away).

It’s then simply your job to smash those balls as hard as you possibly can and try and score yourself some home runs! But wait… how do you know how far you would have hit the ball if your just hitting it into a cage? Thats where our technology comes in…

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Whilst you are in the cage our technology is constantly tracking a number of physical metrics including; pitch velocity, launch angle and exit velocity.

From these metrics the technology calculates where exactly the ball would have went if you were in a real baseball (or if you prefer – softball) stadium!

It then shows this calculated trajectory on a number of monitors located around the venue.


  • Always sole use of the cage (no mixed groups or parties)
  • We have one single technology packed batting cage


  • No experience required! If you can play rounders then you can play baseball! 
  • Balls are pitched every 10 seconds (so maximum of 360 balls per hour)




  • Compete individually against each other or make up teams within your group
  • Play a number of different game modes depending on your ability level


Regardless of if you want to come here to settle a score with your family on who’s the best batter, or if you’ve never held a bat before and just want something different to try with friends. 1st Base has you covered!

We endeavour to provide the best experience for every single group and booking. This is why we only take one booking at a time (no mixed groups). Come along, chill out in our spectator area and then when its your turn, step up to the plate…

But before you get to experience any of the above, you have to book!


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Frequently Asked Questions

As a new and unique activity we appreciate there are a lot of questions to be asked! 

See the answers to our most commonly asked questions.


Do I have to pre-book?

Yes! All bookings should be made via the website booking system at least 3 hours in advance. If you arrive without a booking we will try to accommodate you however it is unlikely we will have availability last minute.

Is there an age limit?

You need to be at least 10 years old to enter the batting cage. You are welcome to bring younger children but please be aware they will only be able to spectate.

All children under the age of 17 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes there is pay and display parking along East Street itself and also a Eastgate Multistorey Car Park is large car park directly opposite the venue (and the best value for money).

Is there a minimum/maximum group size?

Yes there is a minimum group size of 2 people. For a 1 hour session maximum group size is 8. For a 2 hour session maximum group size is 12. For groups larger than 12 you can book a premium session or contact us for a bespoke event.

What are your cancellation conditions?

We appreciate booking activities can be difficult with the unpredictability of COVID.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you need to amend/cancel a booking we offer a flexible policy of:

– Full refund for amendments/cancellations with more than 24 hours notice

– Credit/re-arranged session for more than 3 hours notice.

What happens if I am late?

Unfortunately as we run our bookings back-to-back we cannot delay or extend sessions for late parties. If you are late then you will lose that time in the cage. So make sure to arrive nice and early and plan your travel in advance!

How early do we have to arrive before our session?

Please ensure all participants arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your session start time. This is so you can receive the pre-session safety briefing. If you do not arrive early enough then the briefing will eat into your cage time (safety briefing is mandatory).

How many balls to you get to hit?

Our pitching machine can pitch a ball roughly every 10 seconds. So if you ran it constantly then thats about 360 balls in an hour. If you hit sets of 10 and have a 30 second break after each set, then in an hour a group can expect on average 280 balls. So depending on how many people in your group then this will dictate how many balls you get to hit each. It’s all very casual and so you can use the time however you want (some people hitting more than others if required).

We limit the numbers per hour as groups larger than this would result in not many balls per person and wait times that are too long.

Is there any last minute availability / Can I book for today or this evening?

For super last minute availability please call 0808 164 1010. Due to staffing and scheduling arrangements we do not normally have last minute slots available however on the rare occasion there sometimes are available slots.

Can I bring my own bat?

No, you are not permitted to bring your own baseball bat however you are allowed to bring any other accessories such as protective clothing, helmets and gloves.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Unfortunately we do not allow any external food or drink on-site. This is in order to comply with premises license conditions and hygiene reasons. The only exception to this is birthday cakes which can be brought into the venue with prior approval (email info@1stbase.co.uk)

There is a small selection of light snacks available for purchase on site aswell as a fully licensed bar.

I’ve never done anything baseball related/I don’t know the rules of baseball, does this matter?

We welcome players of any ability or experience level. Even if you’ve never even picked up a baseball bat we can guide you through the basics and you’ll be hitting home runs in no-time! At the start of each session there is a short briefing, there are simple ‘How to’ guides available and also our friendly staff are always happy to give advice if requested.

If I am injured/pregnant/have a pre-existing medical condition can I participate?

If you are injured/heavily pregnant/have a pre-existing medical condition we do not recommend you participate however it is up to you to assess the risk. We are not physicians and hence we cannot tell you if participating may exacerbate an existing injury. If you are in any doubt about your physical ability in relation to participating then we advise you not to take part.

Do I need to wear anything in particular?

If you are taking it super seriously then feel free to turn up in full sports gear. However in reality as long as the clothing you are wearing doesn’t restrict your movement then it should be fine.

What payment methods do you accept on-site?

We are a cash-less venue and so do not take cash on-site. All drinks and snacks should be paid for using credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex).

Is the venue suitable for wheelchair access?

Unfortunately our current venues are not 100% wheelchair friendly (due to building age/layout). This is something that we are trying our best to rectify with future locations and our ultimate aim is a fully inclusive venue. For more information or any other queries about accessibility please email info@1stbase.co.uk