About the experience

So What Exactly is a….


In simple terms, we are an indoor batting cage that’s absolutely packed with the latest in hybrid sport/entertainment technology (and the first of its kind in the UK!).

An ideal choice for a date night, birthday party, work night-out, or just if you fancy getting out and trying something new!

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Whats involved?

As a player you arrive with your group of friends/family/co-workers and are given a short briefing on how to safely use the equipment etc…

You then, one at a time, step into the batting cage and up to the batting plate. Here physical balls will be pitched at you from our pitching machine (located approximately 10m away).

It’s then simply your job to smash those balls as hard as you possibly can and try and score yourself some home runs! But wait… how do you know how far you would have hit the ball if your just hitting it into a cage? Thats where our technology comes in…

baseball batting cage Southampton 1st base
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Whilst you are in the cage our technology is constantly tracking a number of physical metrics including; pitch velocity, launch angle and exit velocity.

From these metrics the technology calculates where exactly the ball would have went if you were in a real baseball (or if you prefer – softball) stadium!

It then shows this calculated trajectory on a number of monitors located around the venue.

Experience features…

  • Always sole use of the cage (no mixed groups or parties)
  • Balls are pitched every 10 seconds (so maximum of 360 balls per hour)
  • We have one single technology packed batting cage
  • Food and Drink refreshments available
  • Electronic scoresheets can be emailed to you after the session
  • Bat upgrades are available for purchase if you are chasing those home runs
  • Compete individually against each other or make up teams within your group
  • Play a number of different game modes depending on your ability level
  • No experience required! If you can play rounders then you can play baseball!
Our Focus

A Fun Enjoyable Experience

Regardless of if you want to come here to settle a score with your family on who's the best batter, or if you've never held a bat before and just want something different to try with friends. 1st Base has you covered!

We endeavour to provide the best experience for every single group and booking. This is why we only take one booking at a time (no mixed groups). Come along, chill out in our spectator area and then when its your turn, step up to the plate...

But before you get to experience any of the above, you have to book!

Located in the centre of Southampton City Centre (East Street), Hampshire.

Just a few minutes walk from West Quay Shopping Centre.

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